Assessment Secure Reports

Authorized personnel can view and download a wide variety of student, school, district and state test data from the Secure Reports section of our Data Center. After you create an account, your district's or charter school's Identified Official with Authority must authorize your access for the Assessment Secure Reports system.

The following available reports are under the Assessment Secure Reports heading in Secure Reports:
  • Alternate Assessment Participation
  • District and School Student Results (DSR and SSR)
  • Student Assessment History Report
  • Test Results Summary
  • 2019-20 District and School Student Results (DSR and SSR) User Guide - 9/22/20
    This document includes information about the content and file format of the DSR and SSR files, as well as how to access it in Secure Reports. The DSR/SSR files contain the student-level data from the assessments, including demographic information, achievement level information, and various test scores and data as applicable.
  • Student Assessment History Report User Guide - 8/18/20
    This document provides information on the Student Assessment History Report, which is a report that allows districts to look up the individual student testing history for any student enrolled in their district.
  • Alternate Assessment Participation District Report User Guide - 1/15/20
    This user guide provides information on the Alternate Assessment Participation district report, which is a report that provides MTAS participation rates over the last four years, including comparison data with similar districts and statewide participation data.
  • 2019-20 Test Results Summary User Guide - 10/22/19
    This user guide provides information on how to use the Test Results Summary reports in Secure Reports. Due to COVID-19, no summary data is provided by MDE at the school, district, or state levels for 2020. Only individual student results are provided for 2020. Test Results Summary reports at the school or district level are available for 2015-2019 for MCA, MTAS, ACCESS, and Alternate ACCESS. Information about the data and format of the Test Results Summary reports is included in the user guide.