District and School Site Verification

The District and School Site Verification System is a web-accessible collection tool that enables updates to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) master directory of organizational units, which controls the processing of data on other MDE major systems such as MARSS, STAR, UFARS, FNS, IDEAS, LEVIES and the Minnesota Report Card. 

It is essential that contact information be kept up to date. Districts are asked to update changes to contact information whenever necessary throughout the year. Download a memo from May 16, 2019, about annual verification of district and school site information.

The Minnesota Report Card now includes a section for every school in Minnesota to highlight information that might not be evident by looking at data alone. Read instructions for how to add your school’s message to the My School tab on our report card. Updates to this information can be submitted any time; MDE will update the system quarterly, which is when your latest changes will be published. If you have questions about your My School message, contact mde.communications@state.mn.us.

> Enter the District and School Site Verification system

The District and School Site Verification System is now part of the Education Identity and Access Management (EDIAM) security system. All users must create an EDIAM account. Your district/charter school's EDIAM Identified Official with Authority (IOwA) must authorize your access. The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) cannot authorize user access. User access is recertified annually by the EDIAM IOwA. Please refer to the Data Submissions main page for more details.

The system allows you to update the following information:

  • Location Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone and Fax Numbers
  • Name of Superintendent, Principal, or Lead Administrator
  • Title of Lead Administrator
  • E-mail Address of Lead Administrator
  • Grades Served
  • Web Site Address
  • School Site Verification Coordinator and other contacts
  • How to Process Other Changes

To add or close sites, or make adjustments to other information, such as classifications or learning year, please complete the "FORM:  Site Change Request Form" found below and e-mail it to mde.school-verify@state.mn.us. To determine the classification of an educational site, please refer to the two documents below entitled "Determining the Classification for a Standard Educational Site" and Determining the Classification for a Special Education Site."

Your request may be reviewed by department staff, or be referred to the Directory System Policy Committee for approval.  A detailed description of the policy committee is found below.