Minnesota Early Indicator and Response System (MEIRS)

Early Warning Intervention and Monitoring Systems (EWIMS) are critical to increasing graduation rates for all student groups across Minnesota. In May 2018, the Minnesota Department of Education and the Regional Centers of Excellence updated the Minnesota Early Indicator and Response System (MEIRS) in response to stakeholder feedback and the latest research on EWIMS. The MEIRS 2.0 Guide:

  • follows all seven core components of the EWIMS evidence-based practice;
  • encourages schools to customize indicators and interventions to address their unique local needs;
  • directs school leaders through actions they must complete before MEIRS teams begin to meet;
  • includes how to support and refine the system as part of a continuous improvement process.

What’s New?

The first-generation MEIRS included a secure report that identified sixth- and eighth-grade students who were statistically at risk of not graduating. To ensure that schools rely on locally available real-time data and actionable indicators (as required by the EWIMS evidence-based practice), the MEIRS secure reports were sunsetted on December 31, 2018. Please email mde.meirs@state.mn.us if you have any questions regarding the MEIRS secure reports.

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MEIRS Guidance