Early Learning Tool Finder

Use this tool to learn more about what early childhood assessments may work for your program.

This is an online resource to help early learning administrators, teachers and districts choose an appropriate assessment for their program. The list of tools covers ages birth through 8.

Before choosing a tool, consider learning more about assessment through the Minnesota Department of Education’s online learning modules.

Once you are ready to choose a tool, use this resource. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Think about a typical day in your program; who the children are and what they need.
  2. Answer as many questions as you can about what you need and “submit”. This resource will find the tool that best fits your responses.
  3. Select a tool name to help you decide if it is the right tool for your program.
How are you planning on using this tool?
In which program(s) will you use this assessment tool? (select all that apply)
What are the ages of the children in your program? (select all that apply)
How many hours per week do children attend your program, on average?
Does your program need a tool that addresses non-English speakers? Note: only translated tools included in this question.
Does your tool need to address the needs of children with disabilities?
What physical format do you prefer for an assessment tool?
What are you willing to pay per child for an online system? (select the highest you are willing to pay and results will be show for that number and below) Note: Prices often vary based on the number of children. These reflect averages, please check with the publisher to verify.
What are you willing to pay per classroom toolkit? (select the highest you are willing to pay and results will be show for that number and below)
What domains would you like to assess in your program? (check all that apply; note MDE only supports tools meeting at least three domains)
Which is more important to you- that a tool be aligned to a specific curriculum or that a tool is aligned to learning standards and can be used with multiple curricula?
How would your program like to access professional development for your tool? (check all that apply)
Who would administer the tool in your program? (check all that apply)
Would your program like parent communication tools embedded in tool?
Do you have more technical questions about the tool?