Curriculum and Assessments

The Minnesota Department of Education has established several resources for curriculum and assessment use to support school districts, Head Start programs and child care throughout the state. All resources have been reviewed to ensure alignment with the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress and the state’s definition of school readiness. Before choosing which tool is right for your program, learn more about assessment through online e-learning modules.

Early Learning administrators, teachers and districts who are looking for an appropriate assessment tool for their programs can use our Early Learning Tool Finder. This online resource provides a list of tools based on your input. The tools cover children from birth through age 8. Training on assessment is a necessary component to ensuring confidence in data and results for your program. Contact information on curriculum and assessment trainers has been compiled for teams who are ready to learn and grow in their curriculum and assessment development skills. Find a certified trainer near you and get started!

The Kindergarten Entry Profile (KEP) is the state’s assessment at kindergarten entry. The KEP includes a menu of comprehensive assessment tools which districts choose based on the needs of their students and teachers. Tools on the menu measure multiple years of children’s development, depending on the version of the tool chosen. For the KEP, districts choose a tool that is appropriate for kindergarten but can be used pre-K through 3rd grade to support reporting for World’s Best Workforce and to align with the Early Reading Proficiency (“Reading Well by Third Grade”) requirements. Programs interested in assessment should reference the KEP webpage.

The Kindergarten Entry Profile Assessment Tip Sheet includes more information about the assessment tools selected for the Kindergarten Entry Profile (KEP).