Certified Trainers

As part of the Minnesota Department of Education effort to build a comprehensive pre-K to third grade assessment system, the Division of Early Learning has invested in the Kindergarten Entry Profile (KEP) initiative, a standards-based assessment system that supports the use of high-quality, comprehensive and developmentally appropriate assessment tools that can be used across early learning programs and settings in order to help teachers, administrators and families understand what students know and are able to do to support their success in school and beyond.

The KEP menu of approved assessments for school year 2018-19 includes the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DPRD), GOLD and Work Sampling System (WSS). Each of these assessments can be used across multiple ages and grades and across settings and programs (e.g., kindergarten, voluntary prekindergarten (VPK), school readiness, school readiness plus, early childhood special education, Head Start, and child care programs). The data these assessments produce can be used for Reading Well by Third Grade reporting, World’s Best Workforce planning, Child Outcome Summary Forms (COSF) reporting, and to fulfill the assessment requirement for Parent Aware 3 and 4 star rated programs.

If you have any questions or concerns about locating a certified trainer, please email MDE Early Childhood Assessment Specialist Jon Vaupel.


  • Statewide List of Certified Trainers for KEP-Approved Menu of Early Childhood Assessments - 1/11/19
    Administrators and educators are encouraged to use this resource to identify trainers for KEP-approved early childhood assessments in Minnesota. Each trainer listed is certified to train by the publisher of the assessment and ready to partner with you and support your work on behalf of Minnesota’s children and families. Trainers can typically provide participants with either Continuing Education Units (CEU) or approved in-service hours in Develop.
  • Comparison of KEP-Approved Assessments for SY Year 2019-20 - 12/5/18
    Early learning teachers, administrators, and professionals are encouraged to use this chart to compare Kindergarten Entry Profile (KEP)-approved assessments in order to make an informed decision about their choice of early learning assessment.