Practice Briefs for Teacher, Trainers and Coaches

The Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs): Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards were developed and revised so that Minnesota’s children are served by teachers and providers with a shared set of high expectations of offering equitable, rigorous learning opportunities. The ECIPs demonstrate a continuum of increasingly complex learning for children from birth to age 5 entrance. Teachers and providers use the ECIPs to inform curricular decisions and decisions on authentic assessment procedures and content. The ECIPs span the range of ages from birth to age 5 entry, with indicators in eight domains. Teachers and providers need to familiarize themselves with the domains, components, subcomponents, and specific indicators and determine how best to integrate the ECIPs into their work with children. 

Thirteen informational briefs have been developed to support effective usage of the standards. The Practice Briefs offer topics and resources for coaches and trainers to use when providing professional learning and coaching opportunities. Each document addresses a specific topic to give teachers and providers the information, practical ideas, and resources to support the challenges they face as they work toward offering equitable, high-quality care and education.. Each brief is formatted for printing and sharing.