The Ready Family

Ready families have an understanding of their own child’s development and learning and are the first teacher of their children.

Ready families:
  • Interact and talk with their children, and help them build communication skills and their ability to express their feelings, needs, and wants.
  • Regularly read, sing or tell stories with their children.
  • Provide routines for their children.
  • Seek out parenting education, resources, and community and peer supports.
  • Ensure their children are healthy and have completed hearing, vision, dental, and development screenings, including immunizations.
  • Seek to have a partnership with the kindergarten teacher and other school staff to support their children’s learning.
  • Engage in their children’s education by volunteering and attending meetings and events at school.
  • Have an understanding and awareness of the school and community their children will enter.
Beginning at birth, families can use the simple ideas in Every Day is a Great Day to Learn parent guides to help their children grow and learn, and transition to kindergarten when they are eligible.