Pre-K through Grade 3 Initiative

Minnesota Prekindergarten through Grade Three (P3) is based on a national initiative to transform how children, prenatal to age 8, learn in and out of school. The initiative focuses on building strong connections between learning and developmental experiences across these critical years. The goal is that children and families have high-quality experiences through an inclusive, comprehensive P3 system. The goal for districts and communities is that they build aligned, coherent systems for learning and development throughout this prenatal through grade three continuum.

Focused, high-quality P3 systems provide us with the greatest potential for achieving World's Best Workforce (WBWF) goals. P3 systems with a broader scope, including collaborations with other early learning programs, organizations and child care providers, enable communities to focus their efforts on maximizing child outcomes.

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) supports P3 work by leading and collaborating on professional learning opportunities.

For the 2018-19 school year, MDE is working with the Minnesota Initiative Foundations and the Minnesota Elementary Schools Principals' Association (MESPA) to provide regional workshops.

To see the locations of the regional P3 workshops, and for registration links, go to MESPA’s website.

P3 Implementation Series: Lead. Learn. Build.

We provided the P3 Implementation Series, which were three professional learning offerings focused on adult competencies and sustained effort to build capacity for coherence in prekindergarten through grade three. The series was designed to be taken in order and team registration was required.

Series Overview
Series I: Principal Leadership Series
Series II: Building Rigorous and Robust PreK-3 Learning Environments
Series III: Building PreK-3 Systems - From Alignment to Coherence

Building Prekindergarten through Grade Three Initiative