Professional Development

The Division of School Support provides high-quality training, tools and technical assistance for several practices related to teacher development and evaluation (TDE), Quality Compensation (Q Comp), principal development and evaluation (PDE), and staff development. We consult with educators, state professional organization leaders and national experts to help Minnesota districts and schools design, implement and continuously improve teacher and leader effectiveness models.

To achieve our shared vision of continuous improvement of principal leadership, teacher practices and student outcomes, we:

  • Offer high-quality, customized professional development for districts and charter schools.
  • Are flexible and use multiple support methods (e.g., workshops, webinars, site-based assistance) to differentiate and supplement district and school professional development needs.
  • Consult with district leadership teams to support continual improvement (e.g., be a critical friend or thought partner; engage in problem-solving; provide a unique perspective informed by emerging best practices and other district and state practices; provide tools to assess the quality of plan design, implementation or both).
  • Clarify statutes, including TDE, Q Comp and staff development, and provide support to complete applications, program updates and reports.
  • Work with districts and charter schools across the state by being a visible, accessible and supportive resource.

Use our contact information on the left navigation menu to ask how our team can partner with your educators.

Q Comp Application Writing Workshops

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) offers Q Comp application writing workshops, upon request. Contact Currently, there is a waiting list for Q Comp funding.

Assessing Q Comp Impact through Program Review/Evaluation

Q Comp coordinators, oversight teams and other program managers are invited to a one-day workshop on program review. This session will provide background to help teams understand what program review is and why it is important to program success. Teams will also have time to explore the design and goals of their program, and use this information to design an effective program review process that will provide data that can be used for program improvement. Participants will also begin to examine ways to analyze the data collected to be used in designing program improvements that will make implementation more effective.

We highly encourage teams to attend together to make the most use of the work and networking times provided during the session.

Workshop Details: February 1, 2019 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. (Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.) Lunch is on your own.

Professional Learning Community (PLC): Sustaining a Collaborative Culture--Spring 2019 Workshops

This session will focus on analyzing program data around collaborative teams to assess future needs and celebrate successes. Participants will learn a variety of data tools and analysis techniques, and collaborate on how to use data for making adjustments for improved team implementation.

Audience: PLC facilitators, Q Comp coordinators and administrators (We highly recommended the full team of PLC facilitators attend.)

Please bring program review data related to PLC implementation, including agendas, evidence of student learning, instructional strategy data, and evidence related to norms.

Principal and Principal Supervisor Professional Development

  • For future principal and supervisor training, please contact Michael Coty.