Professional Development

The Division of School Support provides high-quality training, tools and technical assistance for several practices related to teacher development and evaluation (TDE), Quality Compensation (Q Comp), principal development and evaluation (PDE), and staff development. We consult with educators, state professional organization leaders and national experts to help Minnesota districts and schools design, implement and continuously improve teacher and leader effectiveness models.

To achieve our shared vision of continuous improvement of principal leadership, teacher practices and student outcomes, we:
  • Offer high-quality, customized professional development for districts and charter schools.
  • Are flexible and use multiple support methods (e.g., workshops, webinars, site-based assistance) to differentiate and supplement district and school professional development needs.
  • Consult with district leadership teams to support continual improvement (e.g., be a critical friend or thought partner; engage in problem-solving; provide a unique perspective informed by emerging best practices and other district and state practices; provide tools to assess the quality of plan design, implementation or both).
  • Clarify statutes, including TDE, Q Comp and staff development, and provide support to complete applications, program updates and reports.
  • Work with districts and charter schools across the state by being a visible, accessible and supportive resource.

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Note: If you need assistance or prefer to register for any of the training opportunities below by phone or email, contact our office.

May Professional Development Opportunities

Teacher Development and Evaluation/Q Comp Network

In May, The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) will host additional networking sessions supporting the implementation of Teacher Development and Evaluation (TDE) and Q Comp. These optional sessions are intended to provide spaces for local coordinators or members of local leadership teams to trouble-shoot and collaborate as we navigate different school scenarios.

Come join other coordinators to discuss TDE/Q Comp implementation topics, including, but not limited to, professional learning communities, summative or high cycle evaluations, or observation practices, and how these TDE/Q Comp activities are being modified to suit distance learning or hybrid scenarios. Please bring questions, ideas, and any resources to share as this will be a format in which we can all problem solve and learn from each other. MDE will also announce any updates relevant to TDE/Q Comp for coordinators to bring back to their leadership teams.

Intended Audience – Local coordinators and leaders of Q Comp or teacher development and evaluation (TDE). Space is limited to 100 participants, and facilitators will create smaller groups for discussion.

May Session Registrations – Use the links below to register.

Tuesday, May 4, 9:30—10:45 a.m.

Thursday, May 6, 2—3:15 p.m.

Agenda – This is a participant-driven agenda, so no session will be entirely alike. The only limit on the conversation is a focus on local coordinators' work to support the educator workforce through the implementation of TDE/Q Comp.

Please note: These Q&A offerings will not be recorded. However, we will publish key messages and resources following the sessions.

If you have any questions or would like to request a reasonable accommodation, please contact us at:

Updates from our Team

Q Comp Requirements and Guiding Principles

The Q Comp Requirements and Guiding Principles document has recently been updated as is now available on the Q Comp webpage, under the Implementation section. The revised document has been updated to include equity considerations that should be looked at when making program changes as well as to clarify language and expectations to ensure alignment with current statute and program expectations. If you have questions about the updated document please contact the Q Comp team.

Professional Development Opportunities for Q Comp and Teacher Development and Evaluation

The teacher effectiveness team is announcing three ongoing professional development opportunities for educators related to the Q Comp and Teacher Development and Evaluation programs for the 2020-21 school year.

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Series

Are your professional learning communities (PLCs) feeling a little flat? Do your meetings lean heavy on the professional and light on the community? Do you want to review or catch-up on the PLC series on building and sustaining a collaborative culture that was presented last year? This workshop series is for PLC facilitators who want to add meaning and purpose to their current PLCs to help move teaching and learning further. Each session will focus on essential elements of the PLC process including the four critical questions that guide the work of PLCs and explore the implications of those elements on the school setting (in-person, hybrid, and online). During each session participants will have the opportunities to share local practices and network with each other.

Audience:  PLC facilitators, Q Comp coordinators and administrators (We highly recommend the full team of PLC facilitators attend.)

Registration: Participants can register for the following sessions based on their needs. Two options will be offered on each day. One from 9—10:30 a.m. and the other from 2:30—4 p.m. Participants will be asked in the registration survey which option they prefer to attend.

May 18: Assessing the Current and Planning for Future PLCs.

Please contact Kristie Anderson at 651-582-8860 at least two weeks prior to the event to request reasonable accommodations or with questions.

Q Comp Application Writing Workshops

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) offers Q Comp application writing workshops, upon request. Contact Currently, there is a waiting list for Q Comp funding.

Principal and Principal Supervisor Professional Development

For future principal and supervisor training, please contact Ann Mitchell