Equitable Access to Excellent and Diverse Educators

Vision: Every student benefits from excellent and diverse educators.

Educational research is clear that the most important school-based factor on student achievement is the effectiveness of the teacher (followed closely by the effectiveness of the school principal). Research also demonstrates that all students benefit from a racially diverse teaching workforce, and that students of color and American Indian students benefit even more.

Do all Minnesota children have access to an excellent teacher workforce that also represents our racial and ethnic diversity? State and national data also shows that low income students, students of color, and American Indian students are disproportionately taught by teachers who are less experienced, are working out of their licensure field, or are considered “ineffective.”

In Minnesota, only 4 percent of our teacher workforce identify as teachers of color or American Indian teachers; whereas 34 percent of our students identify as students of color or American Indian students. These facts illustrate a systemic inequity in access to excellent and diverse teachers.

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Given the current reality that certain marginalized student groups have inequitable access to excellent and diverse teachers, our shared task is to recognize the historical conditions and barriers that have prevented this access and to eliminate those structural and institutional barriers so that children have equitable educational experiences.

General Resources

A Vision and Guidance for a Diverse and Learner-Ready Teacher Workforce
This resource is from the Council of Chief State School Officers. Though written for state and district leaders, it is approachable for a variety of audiences. It sets a strong tone for why this initiative is important and what educational leaders might do.

  • Diversifying the Teacher Workforce: Inventory of Funded Programs  - 12/23/19
    This resource was created by MDE, OHE, and PELSB to provide users with a high level overview of all the funded programs that could be utilized locally to diversify the educator workforce. The resource references various grants that each agency manages as well as state or federal programs like Minnesota’s Achievement and Integration program. This resource is a living document that will be edited and revised as appropriate.
  • Equitable Access Memo #1 - 11/7/19
    Published on July 1, 2019, this memo provides additional context behind this initiative and an update on the direction state agencies are heading. Future memos will be published via our listserv.