Active Schools

Active Classrooms: A Strategy of Active Schools Minnesota

Physical activity in the classroom provides students the opportunity to be active and step away from sedentary activities in the classroom (e.g., sitting, reading) and move. “Health and Academic Achievement” from the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, identifies numerous research studies that address the link between increased academic performance and school-based physical activity. Many academic indicators are also enhanced, such as mood, attendance and on-task behavior.

Integrating physical activity into classroom learning provides another opportunity to infuse meaningful activity during the school day. Physical activity in the classroom helps activate the brain, improve on-task behavior during academic instruction time and increases daily in-school physical activity levels for students. Classroom teachers have the potential to influence student’s healthy behaviors and lifetime choices by including bouts of physical activity into the total learning experience.

Contact: Mary Thissen-Milder, Physical Education Coordinator, 651-582-8505