Food and Nutrition COVID-19 Resources

Check this page often to find updates on Food and Nutrition related COVID-19 resources. Below are the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) waivers, memos, guidance on meal service during this unprecedented time, and recent Nutrition Program Bulletins with COVID-19-related information.

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Food Resources for Families

Below are the most recent guidance and Food and Nutrition COVID-19 related resources.

  •  - 7/30/20
    This document provides guidance for sponsors to conduct desk audits of a SFSP site in summer 2020.
  • Community-Based Nutrition COVID-19 Question and Answer - 7/23/20
  • Template Consent for Home Meal Delivery During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency - 6/22/20
    Use this form to gain household consent for meals that will be delivered to students' homes.
  •  - 5/28/20
  • Child Nutrition Meal Pattern Waiver Questions and Answers - 5/15/20
  •  - 5/7/20
  • Guidance on Parent/Guardian Meal Pick Up - 5/1/20
  •  - 4/8/20
  • Multiple Day Service Food Safety Cards - 4/7/20
  • Sample Seamless Summer Option (SSO) Lunch and Breakfast Menus - 4/3/20
    Sample 5-day cycle breakfast and lunch menu for Seamless Summer Option (SSO)
  • COVID-19 Waiver Instructions for Community-Based Nutrition Programs - 3/25/20
  • Template Memorandum of Understanding Between School/District and a Third Party Entity Delivering Meals to Homes during a School Closure due to COVID-19 - 3/20/20