Food and Nutrition COVID-19 Resources

Desk Reviews in the Summer Food Service Program—COVID-19

USDA issued a nationwide waiver that waives onsite monitoring requirements for sponsoring organizations in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) to support social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure Program integrity during this time, SFSP sponsoring organizations should, to the maximum extent practicable, continue monitoring activities of Program operations offsite, for example, through a desk review. See Nationwide Waiver of Onsite Monitoring Requirements for Sponsoring Organizations in the Summer Food Service Program.

This document provides guidance for sponsors to conduct a desk review of a SFSP site. A desk review is done at a location other than the SFSP site and involves completing necessary forms, reviewing site records and connecting with site staff regarding SFSP operations. Links to the SFSP sponsor monitoring forms are provided below.

  1. Contact the site to schedule a desk review. Determine the technology available for use, so that site staff can provide you with a visual of meal preparation, storage spaces, and in-progress completion of forms, and the meal as it will be served. FaceTime, Google Duo, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom 5.0 or later, etc., are options that can be used with site staff for a video call. Communicating by phone is also acceptable. Photos of records can be sent by email or text.
  2. Prior to the site review or during a video call request the necessary site records such as the menu and health inspection report.
  3. Answer all questions on the monitoring form. Indicate on the form the name of the site staff person who assisted with the offsite review and use the fill and sign feature of the form to obtain signatures.
  1. Indicate on the monitoring form that the review was completed by a desk review.
  2. Note that some questions on the form may not apply due to current USDA waivers. Refer to the MDE Food and Nutrition COVID-19 Resources webpage for a list of current SFSP waivers.
  3. Document a corrective action plan and necessary follow-up if any questions are answered with “no”.

Sponsor Monitoring Forms

Sponsor Pre-Operational Visit to Sites 
For each new SFSP site and any sites that had significant operational problems in the prior year.

Sponsor Site Visit Form
For the first week of operation for each new SFSP site or any sites having operational deficiencies.

Sponsor Site Review Form 
For all sites, sponsor must complete this review form in the first four weeks of program operation.