Safe Learning Model Data

Under Minnesota’s Safe Learning Plan, as outlined in Executive Order 20-82, school districts and charter schools must report to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) which learning model(s) they are implementing during the 2020-21 school year. This includes reporting the learning model(s) being implemented at the start of the school year and notifying MDE within 24 hours of any change in learning model. MDE has developed a Learning Model Portal where schools report this information.

In order to keep all Minnesotans informed of the learning models being implemented throughout the state, the information submitted through the Learning Model Portal is available for viewing via the Safe Learning Model Dashboard and the Safe Learning Model Look-Up system.

Safe Learning Model Dashboard

This dashboard allows users to view state- and district-level data on learning model implementation. Users can view an interactive map, and have the option to filter the data by school district or charter school name, learning model type, grade level and effective date. The dashboard also includes a bar graph and a table showing breakdowns of the data by grade level and by district or charter school name. Enter the Safe Learning Model Dashboard.

Safe Learning Model Look-Up

This searchable database allows users to look up learning model data using district or school name, or by entering any address to pull information on local schools. In this system, users can view school district- and school-level data. Enter the Safe Learning Model Look-Up system.