Supporting Students and Families COVID-19 Resources

The information on this page relates to work that supports students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check back often, as the information provided is updated as new information becomes available.

Early Childhood

Family Guide (English - Hmong - Karen - Somali - Spanish)

Federal Programs

  • 5/11/20
    Clarifies federal grants management requirements for education activities.
  • Federal ESEA/ESSA Waiver Guidance  - 4/10/20
  • Title IV Part A COVID-19 Questions and Answers  - 4/10/20
  • Federal ESEA Title Programs and COVID-19 FAQ  - 3/25/20

School Climate and Mental Health

Supporting Mental Well-being During COVID-19 (Minnesota Department of Health)

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Roadmap - CASEL  - 7/13/20
  • 4/7/20
  • Social and Emotional Support for Gifted Learners During COVID-19  - 3/24/20

School Age Child Care for Essential Workers