Recovery Programs

Students in recovery from substance use and/or co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety or depression, need strong systems of support. Recovery programs provide that support by offering assistance with recovery as well as academic services designed to help students meet state graduation requirements.

Recovery Program Approval
Recovery programs in Minnesota are not required to be approved by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) to operate; however, only approved programs are eligible to apply for a Recovery Program Grant. The process for becoming an approved Recovery Program includes submission of a biannual request for approval to verify that the recovery program meets the statutory requirements for approval, as identified in Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.695, subdivision 1. Requests for approval for state fiscal years 2018 and 2019 are due September 22, 2017. The request for approval form and instructions can be found in the Electronic Grants Management Directory website.

Recovery Program Grants
An approved recovery program is eligible for a grant of up to $125,000 a year. Grant funds may be used to pay for approved pupil transportation expenses and a portion of the costs for licensed support staff. Grant application materials will be available in October. Information about this grant and others may be found by visiting the Electronic Grants Management Directory website.