American Indian Education

Mission Statement:

The Office of American Indian Education works to strengthen and promote positive experiences and educational outcomes for American Indian students statewide.

We work to accomplish this mission by:

  1. Building meaningful relationships
  2. Engaging in timely and courageous conversations
  3. Providing education and professional development
  4. Proposing and supporting policies
  5. Efficiently providing guidance and resources to districts and stakeholders
  6. Actualizing the Ten Minnesota Commitments to Equity

We value:

  1. Language, culture, and the significant and complex history of Indigenous peoples
  2. The input of Minnesota's Tribal Nations and communities
  3. The perspective of parents and students
  4. The gifts and unique cultural needs of American Indian students
  5. Effective and innovative programming options

Vision Statement:

American Indian students will reach their full potential within their school communities through meaningful, equitable, and targeted educational experiences that affirms and values their unique cultural identities.