Full-Day Kindergarten and School Nutrition Programs

What Parents Need to Know

Students in full-day kindergarten have access to all school nutrition programs currently available in your school including: breakfast, lunch and afterschool snack.

Local school districts set their own meal and milk prices. Check with your district to find out what the cost is for breakfast, lunch, milk and other items that may be available.

All families have the opportunity to complete an Application for Educational Benefits to determine eligibility to receive breakfast and lunch meals at a reduced or free rate. Your school district will have these applications available prior to the start of the school year. A new application must be completed each school year.

Contact your school to find out how to pay for school meals and what the policy is for charging meals.

If your student requires special dietary accommodations, contact your school nurse, health services or food service department. Schools are required to provide accommodations for students with a physician signed Special Diet Statement for a Participant With a Disability form available on the Minnesota Department of Education website. Lactose-free milk is available for students with a written parent request.

If your student will be eating breakfast at school, check with your school for meal service times. Schools may serve breakfast in the classroom or have students check into the classroom before moving to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Check with your school for the storage procedure for lunches brought from home. Schools may have milk available for purchase for students bringing lunch from home; however, there is no federal support for milk purchases at lunch and students would pay the price the district charges.

Schools often welcome parents that want to join their students for lunch. Check with your school for the parent lunch procedure and adult meal price.

The Minnesota Kindergarten Milk Program (MKMP) is a state funded program that provides one-half pint per day per child of classroom snack milk served at low or no cost to kindergarten students. Check with your school to see if they participate and if there is a charge for snack milk.

Students participating in afterschool educational/enrichment programs may be eligible to receive an afterschool snack if your school is participating in the afterschool care snack program.