Principal Development, Support and Evaluation

Understanding the crucial role principals play in influencing student achievement, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) provides support and resources to principals and their supervisors for developing instructional leadership skills, and for use in growth-focused principal evaluation.
  • For Principals ‒ Development and Support for Principals ‒ Resources to support a leader in seven leadership practices.
  • For Principal Supervisors ‒ Development and Support ‒ Coaching and resources to aid principal supervisors in guiding principals’ growth as instructional leaders, and in evaluating principals.
  • Growth-Focused Evaluation of Principals ‒ Resources to help districts design and implement principal development and evaluation systems that meet statutory requirements and help principals grow continually as instructional leaders.
For information on renewing an administrator license, see the Board of School Administrators.

Minnesota has a Principal Leadership Support Team available through a partnership between the Regional Centers of Excellence, Minnesota Service Cooperatives, and the Minnesota Department of Education to provide a network of support for school leaders. Our team of leaders is available to provide assistance to any Minnesota school leader. This support can take the form of:
  • Individual coaching and mentoring
  • Networks of support
  • Large group professional development
This service is free and designed to be collaborative and growth-focused. For more information about our statewide support for school and district leaders, see the Principal Leadership Support Team flyer or find a team member in your area using our Principal Support Contact Look-up tool.

Note: We recognize that school leadership takes many forms and the position of a "principal" may not apply to all schools. To simplify our language, we use the term "principal" to refer to anyone engaged in instructional and managerial leadership in a school.