Local Literacy Plan Development

Districts are required to develop a Local Literacy Plan to ensure that all students are reading well by no later than the end of third grade. This plan addresses the third grade reading proficiency objective of districts’ World’s Best Workforce plans (Minn. Stat. § 120B.11). This collection of pages provides guidance, resources and self-assessment checklists to assist efforts to understand and meet the demands of early reading intervention and the requirements of “Reading Well by Third Grade” (Minn. Stat. § 120B.12).

This law requires that district plans attend to four specific areas: identification and reporting, parent notification and engagement, intervention, and staff development. The links in the left navigation menu provide additional information and resources to help districts develop effective plans toward reading proficiency for all students.

View Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.12: Reading Proficiently by No Later than the End of Grade 3  
This is the official language of Minnesota’s reading intervention law, as adopted by the Minnesota Legislature in 2017.


  • Local Literacy Plan Template Instructions for K-12 - 8/16/18
    These instructions provide users of the Optional Local Literacy Plan Template context and requirements to complete specific sections of the template. If followed, the resulting plan will meet the requirements of both Read Well by Third Grade and the literacy portion of World’s Best Workforce plans.
  • Optional Local Literacy Plan Template - 8/9/18
    Use headings in this template to develop your school or district literacy plan
  • Local Literacy Plan Requirements Checklist - 11/30/17
    This checklist can be used by districts to ensure their local literacy plans meet all of the requirements as defined by Minnesota’s reading intervention law.