Ensuring Safe and Supportive Schools

School Climate Center

Bullying Prevention and Help

Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that all students learn in safe and welcoming school environments. Resources on this page are designed to assist parents, students, family members, teachers, school administrators, school support staff members and community members in creating safe and supportive environments. The resources include advice on how to help someone who has experienced bullying as well as information on how to prevent bullying and how to intervene when it happens.

  • How to Work With the School to Address Bullying - 8/7/19
    Addressing bullying in school requires collaboration between parents/family members and the teacher, the principal and other staff at the school as well as the students. This resource will help guide you through the process of working with the school to address the bullying.

Improving Academic Outcomes through Safe and Supportive Schools

Safe, supportive and welcoming schools play a pivotal role in ensuring students are engaged in learning and nothing hinders their ability to achieve their best in the classroom. Too often, bullying interferes with teaching and learning in schools.

The School Climate Center is dedicated to helping schools and community members develop safe and supportive learning environments, thereby increasing academic success for all students.

This website is a resource for all members of the school community: board members, superintendents, principals, teachers, school support staff, students, families, individuals and community organizations. It provides guidance to support the school community as we work together to provide respectful, safe and supportive schools.