Bullying Concerns and Ways to Help

Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that all students learn in safe and welcoming school environments. Resources on this page are designed to assist parents, students, family members, teachers, school administrators, school support staff members and community members in creating safe and supportive environments. The resources include advice on how to help someone who has experienced bullying as well as information on how to prevent bullying and how to intervene when it happens.



Parents and Families

  • 2/15/18
    Tragedies in the news can be traumatic and create an array of feelings in children and youth as well as adults. It is important to create an opportunity for everyone to discuss events and talk about their feelings.
  • 8/30/16
  • 7/6/16
    Advice for parents and families on how to effectively work with schools to address bullying.
  • 12/16/15
  • 10/2/15
    This document outlines specific actions parents and family members can take to help prevent cyberbullying and sexting.
  • 10/2/15
    The Minnesota Department of Education School Safety Technical Assistance Center has compiled a list of the resources for parents and educators on cyberbullying.


  • 4/28/15
    Actions students can take to prevent bullying and what they can do when bullying happens.

Teachers and School Staff

  • Ensuring Students Learn in Schools Free from Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment   - 10/29/18
    Events in the news locally, nationally and internationally can contribute to an environment that may expose students to disturbing or hateful messages in their everyday lives and at school. It can also result in increased bullying, harassment and discrimination of students based on their actual or perceived religion, race, national origin, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. This document includes resources to prevent and address this.
  • Speak Up Against Prejudice, Bias and Stereotypes  - 12/10/15
    Recent events in the news and the resulting anti-Muslim rhetoric is leading to increased bullying and harassment of students. This has left many people, including educators, looking for guidance on how to speak up against prejudice, bias and stereotypes. Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, several helpful resources.
  • 4/28/15
    Actions school personnel can take to prevent bullying as well as respond to bullying when it happens.

Community Members

  • 4/28/15
    Actions community members can take to prevent bullying.

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