Restorative Practices

The Minnesota Department of Education helps schools develop programming, curricula and intervention practices to create safe schools by teaching social skills, building positive school climate, and repairing harm when it happens. Restorative practices can be used to hold students accountable for harm and address the needs of students or staff harmed and the school community.
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Restorative Practices in Schools June Trainings - 3/16/18
  • Restorative Practices in Schools Program Directory - 2/13/18
    School personnel and others looking for restorative justice-based services and training for schools will find this directory useful. Organizations and trainers who offer restorative justice-based services and training are listed alphabetically by region with contact information, services and training offered along with links to their websites.
  • Restorative Practices in Schools Videos  - 2/13/18
    To help others learn about restorative practices such as how circles and conferencing are used in schools to build community and repair harm, we’ve compiled a list of videos about Circles, Conferences and Whole School Implementation.
  • Restorative Practices Trainer's Guide Activities - 8/22/16
    The Restorative Practices Trainer’s Guide Activities booklet includes training activities referenced in the Trainer's Guide for Working with Schools to Implement Restorative Practices.
  • Restorative Practices - An Administrator's Checklist - 8/9/16
    Restorative Practices Implementation
  • Trainer's Guide for Working with Schools to Implement Restorative Practices - 8/9/16
    As more educators and school leaders begin to use Restorative Practices as a comprehensive whole-school approach to improving school climate, community-based Restorative Practices trainers are a valuable asset to schools. This guide provides ideas, experiences and resources to trainers as they help schools implement Restorative Practices.
  • Restorative Interventions Facilitator's Toolkit - 8/31/15
    Implementation tools and resources for school staff and other adults trained to facilitate conferences and circles to repair harm in educational settings. The tools and resources are designed to assess readiness, implementation and outcomes, as well provide guidance for implementing any school-based restorative model.
  •  - 8/6/15
    The Minnesota Department of Education School Safety Technical Assistance Center has compiled a list of the following books and manuals on restorative practices, including the use of -- Circles and conferencing in schools to build community and repair harm.
  •  - 8/4/15
    Restorative Practices resources for schools are listed here alphabetically by category and include a description of content found on each website.
  • Restorative Measures in Schools Survey - 4/3/12
    2011 survey of principals.
  • Applying The Framework for Positive Youth Development - 11/1/11