Restorative Practices

The Minnesota Department of Education helps schools develop programming, curricula and intervention practices to create safe schools by teaching social skills, building positive school climate, and repairing harm when it happens. Restorative practices can be used to hold students accountable for harm and address the needs of students or staff harmed and the school community.

Save the Dates for Restorative Practices in Schools June Trainings

June 10-14 in Bemidji and Cloquet, and from June 17-21 in Robbinsdale

The Minnesota Department of Education’s School Safety Technical Assistance Center will offer its Restorative Practices in Schools and Communities trainings from June 10-14 in Bemidji and Cloquet, and from June 17-21 in Robbinsdale. The center is collaborating with the Minneapolis Legal Rights Center, Mickelson Consulting and Peacemaker Resources to offer the trainings. The Bemidji, Robbinsdale and Cloquet school districts will host the trainings in their buildings. Trainings will be one to five days in length. The center will provide more details as soon as they are available. For more information, contact Nancy Riestenberg, 651-582-8433