MARSS Student Accounting

The Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System (MARSS) is an individual student record system that serves as the Minnesota Department of Education's primary reporting system for student data. A variety of student data are collected that are used to compile student counts, including October 1 enrollments, December 1 child counts, and average daily membership (ADM).

  •  - 9/9/20
  • 2020-21 Alternate Application for Educational Benefits Household Letter and Form - 7/24/20
  • 2020-21 Household Income Guidelines and Alternate Application for Educational Benefits - 7/10/20
  • MARSS 32 English Learners (EL) Served with State EL Funding Eligibility - 6/24/20
  • MARSS and SERVS Error Troubleshooting  - 5/21/20
    The Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System (MARSS) is now pulling the data element about which learners are Title I students from the State Educational Record View and Submission System (SERVS). This document outlines the potential errors, help troubleshooting the errors, and who to contact if the error is unresolved after making changes to SERVS and waiting overnight for the sync to occur between the two databases (SERVS and MARSS).
  • Policy for Making State Aid Adjustments - 7/17/19
  •  - 10/10/18