Many students in Minnesota begin and end their school day by riding a school bus.  The information on these pages helps school districts understand the requirements in providing transportation for students to different types of schools and programs. There is also information to help parents and students understand their rights to transportation services.

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Data Center: School Finance Spreadsheets: Transportation to find Revenue and Expenditures Analysis, Pupil Transportation Data, and District Total Mileage, Hours and Routes. Transportation Statistics are also available from the Data Center.

  • Minnesota Homeless Transportation Frequently Asked Questions - 12/10/19
  •  - 11/20/17
  •  - 7/18/17
  • Minnesota Statutes and Rules Pertaining to Pupil Transportation - 6/9/16
  • Transportation Contract with Parents - 3/8/16
  •  - 2/9/16
  • Minnesota School Transportation Best Practices - 4/17/12
    To provide safe, reliable, efficient transportation services so that students arrive at school ready to learn.
  • Pupil Transportation Service Agreement - 4/11/12
    A model transportation contract for school districts.
  • Student Transportation Best Practices and Model Transportation Contract - 4/1/12