Tuition Billing

Tuition Billing occurs when a district other than the resident district (where a student’s parents reside) provides education to a special education student or to any student placed out of district for care and treatment. The district serving the student is responsible for providing the special education services. 

The Minnesota Department of Education Tuition Billing system will calculate rates from UFARS (Uniform Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards), MARSS (Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System) and SEDRA (Special Education Data Reporting Application) data submitted by the districts. The system will calculate tuition invoices for all non-resident students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Serving districts will still bill resident districts for students who do not have IEPs in care and treatment in addition to non-Minnesota residents.

Reports will be posted periodically with rate and district summary reports. Individual tuition invoices and student summary by district reports will be periodically mailed to districts. Timelines and sources of data will be kept current.