Special Education

Special Education Division: Foundation Statements


The vision is a description of the dream of the group as if it has already been achieved. As a vision becomes a shared responsibility, it evolves into a powerful force to create change and shape the future. The Special Education Division’s vision is that:

All children get necessary support for healthy development and lifelong learning. (2020)


The mission states the purpose of an organization; the mission statement answers the question, “Why does this organization exist?” The Special Education Division staff agrees their mission is to:

Provide leadership to ensure a high quality education for Minnesota’s children and youth with disabilities.

Guiding Principles

Guiding principles are beliefs and behavioral norms that the division agrees to apply to its professional practice. The Special Education Division guiding principles are to:

  1. Provide leadership
    We provide educational support and guidance to Minnesota’s broader educational communities.
  2. Support whole-child thinking
    Educational support is based on each child’s unique needs to prepare them for further education, employment, independent living, and community participation.
  3. Collaborate with our partners
    We collaborate with and value the contributions of our partners.
  4. Model accountability
    We promote and measure evidence-based outcomes that are meaningful to our communities.


Values represent the Special Education Division’s driving forces and define the behaviors we consider worthwhile. The Special Education Division supports these actions:

A. The practice of mutual respect, transparency and responsibility in our relationships with students and their families and educational partners.

B. The application of the most credible data, methods and tools.

C. High learning standards.

D. Building stakeholder capacity.

E. The right service offered in the right way at the right time.