Care and Treatment Education Programs

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) provides leadership and technical assistance to help administrators and educators at care and treatment facilities provide a high-quality education for their general and special education students. These facilities include health care, shelter, correctional and other types of programs. Facilities may serve both resident and day students.

Our assistance, in addition to the application and approval process, helps current and prospective care and treatment educators develop and maintain a variety of quality education models for their students so all children get the support they need for healthy development and lifelong learning.

For more information, contact Lochlan Stuart at 651-582-8348.  

Day Treatment

Children’s day treatment is a site-based mental health program, consisting of psychotherapy and skills training services for children and youth who have emotional and behavioral challenges that make it difficult for them to succeed in their school setting. Day treatment is intended to stabilize a child’s mental health status and improve independent living and socialization skills.
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    Basic information for parents and educators

Childrens Residential Facilities

Other care and treatment settings

Services for students receiving special education in settings not covered elsewhere in this section are outlined here.