Developmental Delay

A child up to age seven who is experiencing a measurable delay in development according to diagnostic instruments and procedures fits the Developmental Delay (DD) disability category. Minnesota Rule information about DD can be found under offsite resource links.

The Minnesota Department of Education's Early Learning Services offers information and resources on DD through its Help Me Grow programs. For information on infant and toddler intervention services, preschool special education or information and referral through Help Me Grow, see the offsite resources links or call toll-free 1-866-693-4769.

Minnesota Survey of Attitudes Regarding Developmental Disabilities 1962/2012
Perceptions, awareness, beliefs, and attitudes about people with developmental disabilities have changed substantially in the past 50 years. MarketResponse International has recently completed a survey of the general population in Minnesota that shows these marked shifts. Visit the Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities to read the survey.