English Learner Disability Resources

English Learners who Struggle in School: Strategies for Response to Intervention (RtI), Referral to Special Education and Academic Evaluation

Presented by:

Dr. Julie Esparza Brown, Portland State University

Dr. Janette Klingner, University of Colorado Boulder

Darlene Lamker, Minneapolis Public Schools

This webinar series was created to help schools answer the following questions:

(1) What are considerations in designing and implementing tiered intervention programs for English Learners (ELs)?

(2) When and how can teams make the decision to refer an EL for a formal special education evaluation?

(3) What are recommended procedures for assessing academic skills as part of a comprehensive special education evaluation?

Teachers are recommended to use these materials in small groups as part of ongoing professional development. The webinars are divided into short segments to enable school teams to use the materials flexibly. In the tables below, topic names are links to the available sections of the webinar. More links will be added as sections become available.

Part 1: Introduction to English Learners and Principles of Instruction

Section number; Length; Topic

1.1; 30:19; Overview of webinar series; introduction to English Learners and language development

1.2; 29:29; Levels of language proficiency and instructional considerations

1.3; 19:32; Effective instruction of ELs

Part 2: Designing and Implementing Tiered Intervention Programs for English Learners

Section number; Length; Topic

2.1; 17:41; Overview of RtI and effective models for ELs

2.2; 17:19; Challenges and recommendations related to language acquisition when implementing RtI for ELs

2.3; 24:06; Inadequate progress and learning to read in a second language

2.4; 17:41; Reading comprehension

2.5; 30:41; Culturally and linguistically responsive literacy instruction

2.7; 21:59; Teacher preparation, understanding and using research

2.8; 23:19; Screening and progress monitoring; distinguishing language acquisition and disability

2.9; 21:52; Team decisions for interventions; considerations if students are referred for a special education evaluation

Part 3: When Students Continue to Struggle

Section number; Length; Topic

3.1; 25:45; Review of tiered intervention systems and progress monitoring

3.2; 15:52; Decision points when referring for a special education evaluation

Part 4: Overview of Assessment for Special Education Eligibility

Section number; Length; Topic

4.1; 15:59; Parent involvement, exclusionary factors and assessment framework

Part 5: Assessment of Academic Skills with English Learners

Section number; Length; Topic

5.1; 48:31; Assessment of Academic Skills with English Learners