Assistive Technology

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) supports a variety of Assistive Technology (AT) initiatives designed to help ensure students with disabilities have access to appropriate assistive technology and receive a free, appropriate public education. These initiatives include professional development, information dissemination and technical assistance.

Educators must consider assistive technology for all children with an Individualized Education Program and provide this technology for students who require it. Assistive technology can be as simple as a pencil grip or as complex as a voice-activated computer.

The Assistive Technology initiatives are identified in Minnesota's Olmstead Plan as strategies for increasing the number of students with disabilities receiving access to appropriate assistive technology. For more information, visit MDE's Olmstead Plan website.

Contact Kursten Dubbels, 651-582-8562, for more information on AT.
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    A discussion network open to anyone with access to e-mail and an interest in assistive technology.
  • Minnesota Assistive Technology Manual Update - 5/29/19
    A source for legal statutes and best practices for consideration and evaluation of assistive technology in special education.