In addition to the weekly Superintendent Mail available in the left column, Minnesota superintendents will find information on this page specifically for them, including announcements, news and helpful links.

Verification of District and School Site Information
It is essential that district and school contact information be kept up to date. Districts are asked to update changes to contact information whenever necessary throughout the year. Download a memo from April 27, 2020, about annual verification of district and school site information. For more information, visit the District and School Site Verification webpage.

Data Submissions
The Minnesota Department of Education collects data on a variety of topics. Visit the Data Submissions webpage to find the list of data collection reports. In the left column, select the data reporting topic you are interested in and open that page. You will find an overview of the data collection process for that topic, along with user guides or help documents, if applicable.
  • Submission Calendar for Districts - 7/15/20
    List of reporting and data entry periods of importance to districts and schools, including a brief description of each.