Teacher Programs

International Teacher Programs
The Minnesota Department of Education supports and promotes quality, second-language instruction and cultural exchange opportunities that serve to enhance the educational experience of Minnesota students, by providing oversight and coordination for teaching abroad and visiting teacher programs. Sharing knowledge and teaching strategies benefits program participants and enhances teaching.

Minnesota school districts have the opportunity to recruit foreign language and bilingual teachers from other countries to teach at elementary, middle and high school levels. The programs provide students, parents and educators the opportunity to work with professionals who are native speakers of the target language. Both visiting and Minnesota teachers expand their use of language, deepen their understanding of each other’s cultural practices and perspectives, and bring a valuable international perspective to Minnesota classrooms. While the Memorandum of Understanding with each country is different, some agreements also include opportunities for Minnesota teachers to study and/or teach in the participating countries.

Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Some teachers may be eligible under federal student loan programs to earn cancellation of their student loan debts by teaching in designated, low-income schools. A directory of eligible schools can be found here. Further information about teacher loan cancellation is available.