Innovation Research Zone Pilot

The 2017 Legislature enacted Innovation Research Zone Pilot project legislation that provides districts and charter schools an opportunity to test new ideas in K-12 education. An application may be submitted by one or more school districts or charter schools that together to form an innovation zone partnership. The partnership may include other non-school partners, including postsecondary institutions, other units of local government, nonprofit organizations and for-profit organizations. Applicants are encouraged to think beyond continuous improvement of existing practices to try out and measure the success of innovative practices. Pilot projects must research and implement innovation education programs and models that are based on proposed hypotheses. The Innovation Zone plan may include an emerging practice not yet supported by peer-reviewed research.
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  •  - 1/30/18
  • Scoring Rubric - 12/12/17
  •  - 10/24/17
  •  - 10/24/17
  • Innovation Research Zone Pilot Program - Background and Application Instructions - 9/15/17
  • Innovation Research Zone Pilot Program - Application Form - 9/15/17