Adult Basic Education and GED

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First GED Test Free for Minnesotans with Code MNGED30 (while funding lasts)

GED testers in Minnesota can now get the first test in each subject free by entering the code MNGED30 when scheduling and paying for testing, while funding lasts. This promotional code can be used when scheduling tests. This code applies to any eligible tester who marks they intend to test in Minnesota and schedules testing at an approved Minnesota or bordering testing center. If a student does not pass or does not show up for testing, they will not receive the subsidy for the retake tests; they will have to pay the standard retake test price. Once the subsidy expires or runs out, there will be no state subsidy left, and testers will have to pay the full testing fee ($30/first test in each subject or $120 per complete battery). We cannot predict exactly when this subsidy will run out; when it does, the subsidy will automatically shut off. 

Adult Basic Education (ABE) is available statewide at no cost to adult learners. It is administered through the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). Each year, more than 300 delivery sites serve approximately 65,000 adult students. About one-half of these students are enrolled in English Learner (EL) programs. Licensed teachers provide ABE instruction and are assisted by more than 1,400 trained volunteers.
The ABE services include Adult Diploma, GED, English as a Second Language (ESL or EL), Career Pathways, Family Literacy, Basic Skills Enhancement, Workplace Literacy, and U.S. Citizenship/Civics. Programs are delivered primarily through public school districts, nonprofit organizations, some technical colleges, and state and local correctional institutions.
You must be at least 17 years old, not enrolled in K-12 public or private school, and lack basic academic skills in reading, writing, speaking and/or mathematics to be eligible for ABE services.
Local contact information related to ABE services can be found on the Minnesota Literacy Council website.


  • Age Waiver Form and Instructions - 6/13/19
    Form to request an age waiver for individuals taking the General Educational Development (GED) tests.
  • GED Records Request Form - 7/18/17
    Complete this form and return to the Minnesota Department of Education to request official GED records.
  •  - 3/23/17