Voluntary Prekindergarten

Voluntary prekindergarten (VPK) and school readiness plus (SRP) are publicly funded prekindergarten programs. Funded classrooms provide free, high-quality early childhood education opportunities for eligible 4-year-old children that prepare them for success as they enter kindergarten the following year. Programs use play-based learning, coordinated transitions to kindergarten, parent involvement and family-centered program planning to create high-quality early learning opportunities that meet the needs of each child. Programs also offer free transportation.
Currently VPK and SRP programs serve a total of 7,160 children throughout the state in 128 school districts and charter schools at 215 locations. Not all districts have VPK or SRP programs. To learn if your school district or charter school has VPK or SRP funding, please check the list provided below.
To learn more about a VPK or SRP program, including information on how to enroll a child, please contact your local school district or charter school. Please note that each prekindergarten program will operate on different days, times, and schedules based on decisions by the local district or charter school.