Student Maltreatment

The Student Maltreatment Program assesses and investigates reports of alleged physical abuse, neglect or sexual abuse of students that occurs in Minnesota public schools and charter schools (Minn. Stat. § 260E). This includes allegations of maltreatment involving students 18 to 21 years of age, including students receiving special education services, up to and until graduation and the issuance of a secondary or high school diploma.

Our trained maltreatment investigators review each report and determine whether maltreatment occurred and whether an individual or facility is responsible. We are a third-party, unbiased, investigation team and do not represent or advocate for any parties involved in the investigation process.

Where Do You Start?

If you suspect that physical abuse, neglect or sexual abuse has occurred, please complete the Confidential Maltreatment Reporting Form and submit via email to the Student Maltreatment Team or fax (651-797-1601). You may also call our 24-hour reporting line: 651-582-8546. 

What Should I Expect?

If we open an investigation involving your child, we will send you a letter letting you know that a report of alleged maltreatment involving your child has been received and has been opened for further investigation.

The assigned investigator will make arrangements to interview your child and will attempt to notify you prior to conducting the interview or immediately following the interview. The investigator can address any questions or concerns you may have.

It is important to note that a child is never found to be responsible for maltreatment, and all children involved in the reported incident are considered alleged victims or witnesses to the allegation. 

What Happens When the Investigation is Complete?

Once an investigation is complete, we will issue a determination report stating the outcome of the investigation. The determination report will also include the length of time that we will keep the records and information related to the appeals process. The investigator will send the determination report to the school board chair, school administrator, alleged offender, parent of the alleged victim or adult student, appropriate licensing board, if the employee is licensed and any other agencies as required by law.

MDE does not assert or take any disciplinary action regarding employment status; the school district or appropriate licensing agency will address this, if necessary. 

How Do I Request a Copy of the Report that was Submitted on My Child?

All requests for data must be submitted to our office in writing. Submit your request, including your name, your child’s name and your relationship by email to the Student Maltreatment Team  or by U.S. Mail to: Student Maltreatment Program, 1500 W Highway 36, Roseville, MN 55113.

Please note that if your child is 18 or over and you are not an appointed legal guardian, your request will not be processed.

If an investigator has been assigned, please contact him or her directly. 

What If I Am Not Sure?

If you are uncertain whether your concerns warrant a report to the Student Maltreatment Program, please contact our office. We will assess your concerns and direct you to the resource that is best able to help you. 

My Child is Being Bullied at School

If you have already attempted to talk with school administrators and feel that the situation is not being addressed, please contact the School Safety Technical Assistance Center for more information.  

The School is Not Following My Child’s IEP

MDE’s Dispute Resolution Team addresses questions and concerns involving students with special needs. Issues may be resolved through technical assistance, mediation and facilitated team meetings, or by filing a special education complaint. For more information on dispute resolution options, please visit our Conflicts in Special Education page.
  • Confidential Maltreatment Reporting Form - 12/14/20
    Confidential reporting form to be completed and forwarded to the Student Maltreatment Program of the Minnesota Department of Education for review of alleged maltreatment of a student in a public or charter school facility by school personnel. Please submit this form either as an email attachment to or by Fax to 651-797-1601.
  • Student Maltreatment Information Sheet - 9/10/20
    This information sheet provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding student maltreatment, reporting requirements, and MDE's investigative process.

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