Home School Education

Minnesota’s Compulsory Instruction statutes, sections 120A.22, 120A.24, and 120A.26, allow parents to create private schools in their home for their children. Like other nonpublic options, these schools are predominately financed by the parents. However, Minnesota does have Nonpublic Pupil Aids that parents may claim by September 15 of each year through their public school district superintendent’s office.

Minnesota currently recognizes only one accrediting agency, the Home-Based Educators Accrediting Association, for accrediting homeschools. Homeschools do not need to be accredited. However, one benefit of being accredited is being waived from a requirement for a nationally normed achievement test for each student ages 7-17 each year.

No state certification of individual private schools or homeschools: State standards set for public schools do not apply to nonpublic schools – whether regular private schools or homeschools. Therefore, the Minnesota Department of Education nor local school districts certify or validate any nonpublic or homeschool, diploma or transcript.

County social services has jurisdiction on educational neglect. The Minnesota Department of Education does not have jurisdiction to investigate concerns of educational neglect of any student.  As with other types of abuse or neglect, mandatory reporters must and others may contact county social services where the student resides to report.