Families and Communities as Partners

We know the importance of engaging families as partners in education to ensure the success of students. According to research, family engagement positively impacts student achievement as well as college and career readiness. We want to help families participate in their child’s education, both in and out of the classroom, in partnership with schools and community organizations.

What is Family, School and Community Engagement?
Our agency defines family engagement as the collaboration of families, schools and communities as active partners in the shared responsibilities of ensuring each student’s success in lifelong learning and development.

These partnerships are committed to:
  • Engage in meaningful and respectful cultural ways.
  • Share the ownership of children’s challenges and successes from birth through postsecondary and career opportunities.
There are a variety of ways for families to be engaged in their child’s education. Some parents and families may have more time to get involved while others may be more limited.  See the documents below to learn ways you can be involved. Whatever your level of involvement, remember:
If you get involved and stay involved, you can make a world of difference!
A Guide to Children’s Use of Digital Media
Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, siblings can play and learn with digital media. Harvard Family Research Project has educational apps, online games, and eBooks to enjoy with children. The Project also has a guide of educational apps that are interactive and can engage families in fun learning activities for all ages.
  • Language Access - 4/14/21
    Language access is a civil right. This document describes language access rights to parents and clarifies language access responsibilities for schools and districts.

Translated Documents