Safe and Supportive Schools

Parents and family members can help prevent bullying and cyberbullying in a number of ways, mostly by being engaged, attentive and loving. When a child reports being hurt physically or emotionally at school or through electronic communications, parents and family members can support their child and work with the school to help address the problem. If a child has bullied others, parents and family members can support them in stopping the behavior and making amends.

The video “Bullying - What Can Parents Do?” helps familiarize parents and others with Minnesota's Safe and Supportive Schools' law, what the law requires of schools and the role parents can play in bullying prevention and intervention in schools and communities. The video will also help parents: identify warning signs that their child is being bullied, take steps to support their child when bullying happens, and learn effective ways to partner with their child's school in responding to bullying.

Find more resources on how to help someone who has been bullied and steps you can to take to address bullying on the Bullying Concerns and Ways to Help page.

  •  - 8/30/16
  •  - 10/2/15
    This document outlines specific actions parents and family members can take to help prevent cyberbullying and sexting.
  •  - 10/2/15
    The Minnesota Department of Education School Safety Technical Assistance Center has compiled a list of the resources for parents and educators on cyberbullying.