Statewide Testing

Testing is used in schools to measure student achievement. State tests are given to students in a district once a year, based on their grade level and subject area. Classroom tests are given by individual teachers on a more regular basis and may include quizzes, mid-terms, chapter tests, and final exams, among others. Both types of tests give educators an idea of how well their students are learning the concepts presented to them in the classroom.

State testing information (data) by district or school is available from the Data Center. Links are available under Related MDE resources. Educators can use this testing information to adjust their instruction to increase how well their students retain what is being taught.

Additional resources, including item samplers and Pearson’s Perspective, are available on the PearsonAccess Next website. Item samplers are provided to help students and teachers become familiar with the format and type of content included in the state tests.

Information on this page can help parents, caregivers, and students learn more about testing in Minnesota schools. If you have additional questions about testing, please contact your school or the District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) for your district. You can look up the DAC contact information in the MDE-ORG system.

On August 20, 2020, districts received Individual Student Reports (ISRs) for the results of 2019-20 test administration. Contact your District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) to see when ISRs will be distributed to families in your district and for any questions related to student scores. MDE does not have a copy of student reports and does not provide scores to students or families. ISRs for Spring 2020 are provided for only those students who completed and received a score in at least one subject before the testing windows closed due to COVID-19.
English Language Proficiency Accountability Assessments
The ACCESS and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs are the assessments developed by the WIDA consortium and administered to English learners in order to measure progress toward meeting Minnesota’s standards for English language development, developed by the WIDA consortium. Most English learners will take the ACCESS for ELLs, but English learners who received special education services and meet the participation guidelines may take the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs. A link to the WIDA website is provided under Related resources on the right side of the page.

Answers to frequently asked questions about ACCESS and Alternate ACCESS testing for the spring of 2021 are available on the Student Instruction COVID-19 Resources webpage under “Multilingual Learners.” This document is translated in 11 languages.

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