More about MCA and MTAS

To ensure that all students have access to standards-based content and instruction, the MCA and MTAS are administered statewide. Most Minnesota students take the MCA. Students who receive special education services and meet eligibility requirements may take the MTAS.

The MCAs and MTAS assessments meet the federal and state legislative requirements.

Subjects and Grades Assessed

Students take the Math and Reading MCA or MTAS in Grades 3 through 8 and once in High School.

Science MCAs and MTAS are given in Grades 5, 8, and once in High School.

Test Development and Format

Minnesota Department of Education staff, with significant input from Minnesota teachers and community members, develop the MCA and MTAS statewide assessments.

To help with the development of the statewide assessments, MDE staff invite parents and other community members from a rich and diverse variety of backgrounds to participate in Community MCA Review Committees. For more information on these committees, download the Community MCA Review Committee Flyer below.

  • MCA Community Committee Flyer  - 2/24/21
    This flyer is for community distribution to advertise the need for community members to participate in MCA Community Review Committees.
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Most students take the MCA, but some students may be eligible to take the MTAS.