Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

Voluntary pre-kindergarten was established by Governor Dayton and the 2016 Minnesota Legislature for the purpose of preparing children for success as they enter kindergarten the following year. The funding allows districts, charter schools with recognized early learning programs, or a combination thereof, to incorporate a voluntary pre-K program into their E-12 system. The new funding will provide high-quality early learning programming to approximately 3,300 4-year-olds at 74 school districts and charter schools in the first year.

As part of Minnesota’s E-12 education system, voluntary pre-K will be required to meet E-12 program expectations and follow the same general set of rules regarding such items as MARSS reporting, STAR reporting, expulsion, monitoring and compliance, professional development, teacher evaluation, Q Comp, and inclusion of children with disabilities. Additionally, voluntary pre-K comes with its own set of high-quality program standards, such as providing instruction through play-based learning, coordinating appropriate transition to kindergarten, involving parents and families in program planning, and more.

School Districts and Charter Schools Receiving Funding
View the list of districts and sites receiving pre-K funding.
District-view funding spreadsheet (Excel document)
Site-level compensatory revenue spreadsheet (Excel document)